Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Weekend!

I'm off to core some beads with my little coring machine!
I used to core my glass beads by hand, a much more laborious and sometimes unhappy experience when the occasional bead would crack under the hammer!

Then along came  Dave  and his sweet little 'Impress', and the rest is history!

I love tools that make my work easier.. This one gets 10/10 in the long list of tools I use in my work. Beadmakers are known ''tools-aholics ! I invented this word right now, but it's the truth.. LOL!

 Have delightful weekend doing what you love best! xxoxx


Marianne said...

With cooltools like this, beadmaking is looking very inviting.

Adriana said...

Marianne,this is the neatest little tool I have owned! It makes coring beads so much fun!

I liked it so much I bought two.
Thanks for dropping by !

See you on the flying page!

Kerri said...

i am so glad you got that nifty tool! :) your beads are very pretty!

Dale said...

Adee these beads are gorgeous. I like your new tool too. It looks like something I have been looking for to put tubes through my enamel pieces to create a better looking bail. I declare, I am such a tool junkie.

Unknown said...

Beautiful glass beads! I admire them so because I could never do it.

wherearetheheros said...

wow before I read the post I thought it was a sculpture/art.
I thought the 7 was a question mark and that the whole thing was much bigger than it really is.
After I understood what it was and blew up the picture my art reality was shattered ,even so -cool machine and nice picture.