Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Monday!

This time of the year I love when  my magnolia tree gifts me with gorgeous flowers!

Incidentally, so you  know, and don't think I have flipped my lid, this blog look is undergoing a face lift that may span a few weeks till I find what feels right for me and is  easy reading  on the eyes for you  ..  So bear with  me as I play with blogger's  new many templates options or create my own ..

Feedback is welcomed!


Judy Grupp Studio said...

Your beads are beautiful. I hope the Kelly Rae eCourse takes you where you want to go!
ps - I changed my blogspot background from black to white - and oops - all my text disapeared because it was white. I had to manually change my old posts so I could read them - still not done.
I could not find a quick fix for that! Good Luck

Shanie said...

Hey girl...stopping over from Kelly Rae's class. I also had a fun time with bloggers new stuff. Whew...I was up until 2am one night dolling up my blog! Wow. Have fun with it. Sounds like you are a little smarter than me and taking your time with it. Hee. And, your beads are gorgeous!! XO

Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

popping in to say "hello" from the e-course! -Robin