Friday, June 4, 2010

In the pink!

I've been resisting making beads on a key for some time.. It seemed complicated.

I relented few months ago and made this little gift for my daughter Trish.
I added the little sterling silver animal paw because she has a darling little dog. She loved it!

For me one of the best things about making beads on a key is scouting for skeleton keys in odd places. It adds to the fun.

Last Sunday we went to Boerne and there I found a nice bunch of skeleton keys in a little shop!

I got excited especially when I found a BIG skeleton key. This one key I'm tempted to keep and make something for myself..maybe!


Anonymous said...

That's a sweet key necklace.

Our doors here in England use skeleton keys. It was quite a surprise to me when I met my English husband ( I'm American ) and saw that even a ' young ' house here might use keys you rarely see in use in the US.

Adriana said...

Thank you for the sweet comment!

How interesting that doors there use skeleton keys...

In 2005 there was a movie made with Kate Hudson, Gena Rowlands, John Hurt called the Skeleton Key.
I don't even recall that movie but it has my favorite actors in it..

Incidentally, I love your blog!!

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

adee...beautiful necklace...i love the very idea of keys and what they open...just stopping by from a pause in our flying lessons to say hello and say i am so happy to connect with you...

Blessings, R

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva
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Adriana said...

Rebecca thanks for stopping by and connecting!
I just came back from looking at your blog...I'm in love with your banner- your self portrait! I signed up for your newsletter too but could not find where to leave a comment..

See you on flying lessons page..

dbb said...

A fellow student in Kelly Rae's flying lessons! LOVE your blog & your jewelry! Jewelry is one of my fav endeavors & I love, love, love skeleton keys!! I have a whole stack of them - have you made any for resale? to be used by other jewlery creators? Glad to meet you & find your blog!!!

Missp said...

Hi Mum!
Thanks again for my key necklace! Might have to stop wearing it for a bit though lol, I keep getting stopped by people asking about it! Also I dont have to tell you which of my friends have put in their orders for their own key necklaces....after they sneakily tried to get me to give mine up and were rebuffed! LOL. Maybe I might have to fly over and help you with these orders...and help myself to some more lol lol....

Adriana said...

DBB, thank you for the kind comments!I tried to reply by clicking on your initials but it would not open.

To answer your question, I have made some keys with simply a bead on them and as soon as I can peel myself from the Flying Lessons pages I will take pics and list for sale.. ehehe

Are you enjoying the e-course too?

Incidentally, what are you doing with your keys, are you making Jewelry with them as well? Do you have a blog?

Thanks for stopping by..
See you in the virtual classroom!

Adriana said...

Hey cool MissP!
You can be my PR girl in OZ!!
Smiles! xx

DBB said...

No, I really haven't used them yet in anything - thoughts about that are still simmering, but loved the way you've used yours!! I'm making jewelry from found items, etching copper or brass, etc so the keys would fit in beautifully! I'm putting together a website now - & since Kelly Rae's presentation of blogs, I guess I'll do that to!! Now I see how important a blog can be!! who would have thought?!? Yes, I'm loving the course - are you? - forcing me to realize I'm that person who waits for everything to be complete, before I make any now I'm moving!! I'll check back - enjoy soaring!!

Adriana said...

DBB you sound a bit like I was initially... It's a bit scary to get yourself out there..more so if one is private like I was/am? lol..

I know you will do fine, and with Kelly's wonderful class we all going to find our footing much faster..

I love found you sell your work anywhere?

Don't you wonder about those keys you have? where did they come from...what did they open before you got them...?